China Airlines Business Class from Frankfurt to Taipei trip report

In the beginning of June I had to travel to Taipei on short notice for a business meeting. The Taiwanese flag carrier China Airlines offers the only daily nonstop flight from Frankfurt to Taipei and thus turned out to be the most convenient flight option.

China Airlines operates this flight with one of its relatively new Boeings 777-300. When they first introduced this new plane type, China Airlines also came up with a completely new business class product. In general, this new business class receives very positive ratings and looks awesome on pictures. So I was really looking forward to give it a try!

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Train ride over the Ocean Cloud Pass from Da Nang to Hué in Vietnam

The train passes narrow lanes next to houses and slowly makes its way up the coast. Suddenly, a beautiful scenery stretches out in front of us. Along steep cliffs and secluded beaches the train continues through an area of rice fields before arriving in Hué. The train ride from Da Nang to Hue is supposed to be one of the most beautiful train routes in the world – and we agree!

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Business trips on weekends – say goodbye to quality time!

Originally I was planning to publish a post about “why I’m glad being married to a business traveller”. After a glance at my husband’s schedule, my mood has changed significantly though. He is currently in Brazil and is scheduled to return home tomorrow before leaving again for Taiwan on Sunday. As if this wasn’t already bad enough, I just found out that our quality time this weekend is even more limited than I thought. So instead of being all positive, I’m experiencing one the downsides of being married to a business traveller once again: Lack of quality time!

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One week in Central Vietnam – Beach and Sightseeing around Da Nang

The area around Da Nang in Central Vietnam is one of these places that has it all: Beautiful beaches, easy to reach sightseeing attractions, a vast number of good accommodations and delicious food. Weather conditions are perfect at the end of April and the direct flight connections to both Hong Kong and Singapore make getting there very easy. What more to wish for in a holiday?

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Rain Wadi Oman

What happens when it rains during a holiday in Oman

Oman is supposed to be sunny and hot. Seeing pictures of beautiful Wadis and desert landscapes, we wondered if it ever rained in Oman at all. Unfortunately, we found out the hard way. Shortly after our arrival at Muscat Airport a heavy thunderstorm started and it kept on raining for a full day. Within hours, roads were flooded and Wadis were inaccessible. Experiencing rain in Oman was exciting and annoying at the same time. Find out why!

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