Welcome to Business Traveller & Wife! In this blog we write about business travel and marriage. Furthermore we share our favourite leisure activities and holidays.

Who we are

Mr Grumbert:

“I’m in my thirties and work as a sales manager for an international company. Several times per year I travel to Asia, Australia and South America for business. Thanks to my company’s corporate travel policy I mostly travel in business class. My passion for travelling started when I was still a kid and travelling with my parents. As a teenager I toured all over Europe. Later on, during my years at university, I started exploring different continents – especially South America where I also lived and worked for some time. Today I’ve visited more than 60 countries on 6 continents and I’m still not tired of exploring new places. I’m glad that my wife shares this passion, so that we can travel the world together in our holidays!”


“During our first date, my husband asked me if I liked travelling. I said yes – without realizing what an important role this was going to play in our relationship. My name is Sina Grumbert, I’m five years younger than my husband and work as a quality manager in a local German company. I don’t have kids – and I’m not sure if I want any. I love my job and the freedom it gives me to do anything I like.”

How we decided to start a blog

Mr Grumbert:

“Business travel turns your life upside down. It changes your relationships and the way you perceive the world. At some point you realize, that most people aren’t interested in details of your travels which leads to a certain degree of disappointment. Of course everybody asks where I’m flying next – but that’s about it. Some of my friends have never even left Europe – and most of them clearly don’t need information about where to find the best Chilli Crab in Singapore or why I don’t like changing flights at Istanbul Ataturk Airport. So one evening I told my wife: “You know what? I think I should start a blog to share my travel stories with people who are really interested in them…”


“… and I liked the idea immediately! After all, I too had to cope with many challenges and emotional turmoil since my husband has started travelling for work. While my friends had children and build up families, I was struggling to be on my own again. In the first months, I often used to write down all my thoughts and feelings regarding my husband’s travels on little notepads. It always made me feel better and helped to sort out my feelings. Having my own blog to share my thoughts and experiences with other women in my situation filled me with enthusiasm. Why not do this together with my husband? He could write about his business trips and I could add the wife’s perspective. We talked it through and Business Traveller & Wife was born!”

We are really happy that you made it to our blog and look forward to sharing our experiences and travel stories with you!

PS: Please don’t hesitate to send us your feedback and questions! You can either send e-mails to for more general matters or address Sina directly at:

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