Lisbon from above – a moment of complete happiness

During our travels we experience a lot of unique moments – from now on I’m going to share these with you! This post marks the beginning of a new series called travel moments. In this category I’m going to write about beautiful, funny or sometimes even scary moments that occurred during our travels. I’m starting this series with a wonderful moment during a long-haul flight to Buenos Aires last year.

Have you ever experienced a situation, where you didn’t expect anything and were surprised by something so beautiful it took your breath away? That’s what happened to me during a long-haul flight to South America last autumn.

Starting into our holiday

In October 2016 we did a 3-week roundtrip through Argentina and Chile. When it started to get rainy and grey in Europe, we took-off into spring with a late-night red-eye flight from Frankfurt to Buenos Aires.

I really like overnight long-haul flights as they correspond with my daily rhythm which makes sleeping much easier than during the day. Plus, boarding a plane late in the evening with the prospective to arrive in a far-away country at sunrise always creates a special atmosphere.

Sunrise over the clouds view from above up in the air

On this particular flight, we had the benefit to travel in business class thanks to my husband’s frequent flyer miles, which made it even better!

Evening mood on the upper deck of Lufthansa’s Boeing 747-8

After take-off I made myself comfortable, watched a movie and enjoyed a multi-course dinner.

By the time the flight attendants dimmed the light in the cabin, we were more than two hours into the flight. Some of our fellow travellers were already sleeping and we were planning to do the same soon.

But before that, I decided to throw a last glance outside the window. Just to check if we had already left European mainland, or if there were still lights beneath us. I clearly didn’t expect to see anything special.

Simply beautiful!

When I leaned forward in order to see the ground, an ocean of lights stretched out beneath me.

Due to the very clear night, I could identify all the details of the city:

Hills, houses, and the huge bridge over the river… It had to be Lisbon!

“Have a look, that’s beautiful!” I exclaimed. My husband leaned over and was as amazed as I was.

A perfect moment

He took my hand and we enjoyed the scenery together:

It was just him and me, snuggled into our comfortable business class seats with a three week holiday ahead. We were cruising at 38,000 feet up in the air with the constant buzzing of the plane’s engines in the background ready to cross the Atlantic Ocean. And in the middle of the darkness, our beloved European continent sent us this last beautiful view before releasing us into the night.

This situation felt surreal and perfect at the same time, and filled me with deep happiness.

Travel inspiration Lisbon - travel moments

Inspiration for our next trip

Until then, Lisbon hadn’t been on our bucket list. But seeing the ocean of lights from the plane inspired us to visit Portugal.

Our trip is due in September and I’m really looking forward to exploring Lisbon from the ground. And every evening, when the lights come on I’ll look up in the sky and remember this moment of deep happiness high up in the air.

sina grumbert

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