The train ride over the Ocean Cloud Pass is a must-see during a holiday in Da Nang!

The train passes narrow lanes next to houses and slowly makes its way up the coast. Suddenly, a beautiful scenery stretches out in front of us. Along steep cliffs and secluded beaches the train continues through an area of rice fields before arriving in Hué. The train ride from Da Nang to Hue is supposed to be one of the most beautiful train routes in the world – and we agree!

Buying a train ticket from Da Nang to Hué

Before leaving for Vietnam we had read about the scenic route between Da Nang and Hué on SEAT 61 . It didn’t take much to convince us that we absolutely wanted to do this train ride! Even though we were in Vietnam during a national holiday, buying a train ticket was easy and availability wasn’t an issue.

The owner of our B&B offered to buy the train tickets for us. In the end this may have been slightly more expensive than buying the tickets ourselves, but then again, it was still very cheap! Instead of the regular 72,000 Dong (about 3 Euro) we paid 180,000 Dong (about 7 Euro) per person.

Before boarding the train, we bought our return tickets for the leg from Hué back to Da Nang at the train station in Da Nang.

Important: Bring your passport and book a seat in an air conditioned carriage! Your name and passport number will be printed on your ticket/ boarding pass.

Departure from Da Nang

Da Nang train station only consists of one building and two tracks. You definitely don’t have to worry to about getting lost or not finding the right departure area. There’s a small grocery store as well as a sufficiently clean toilet.

For the ladies: hygiene spray is definitely recommended!

Before departure we bought some cookies and drinks at the train station. You could also consider buying food in the train though.

On both days the train was exactly on time and arrived several minutes before the scheduled departure time. Boarding the train turned out to be a bit difficult, especially with heavy suitcases. As the platform is at level with the ground, you have to climb several stairs in order to enter the train.

Rocky coast and beaches North of Da Nang

Leaving the city behind, the train made its way up the mountains. During the next hour, we enjoyed a breath-taking view on the coast line North of Da Nang.

Tip: Windows don’t open in the air conditioned carriages. There might also be an advertisement print on the window. So generally, you won’t be able to take high definition pictures from an air conditioned carriage.

If you still want to take some beautiful pictures, you may go to the area between two carriages and open a window there. By the way, that’s how we took our photos too!

Driving along Rice fields close to Hué

Food and entertainment in the train

During the 2.5 hour train ride, it is possible to buy food and beverages on the train. A vendor passed our seat at least 4-5 times, offering all kinds of drinks including coffee and beer. Food offers ranged from rice with chicken to corncobs. We didn’t try any of it, but it definitely smelled tasty!

Entertainment was less pleasant though. There were two screens in each carriage, playing a standardised programme in high volume. Mostly Vietnamese sitcoms and music videos. So in case you’re planning to listen to your own music or audiobooks you either need very good noise-cancelling headphones – or just leave it.

Arriving in Hué


The train station in Hué is of a similar size as the one in Da Nang. There’s only one big waiting zone with a convenience shop, ticket office, toilets and seats.

Outside of the train station, there are many taxis waiting to drive you into the city. We had to walk only a few steps and reached our hotel by taxi approximately 10 minutes after leaving the train.


Travelling by train is a great way to relax and enjoy the scenic drive from Da Nang to Hué. Everything is well organized and you get excellent value for money. We can definitely recommend this train ride to everyone!

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